Zoonoses, small furries and poisoning- a varied week at The Webinar Vet

Our week of webinars start on Tuesday at 8pm when Ian Wright will be talking about zoonotic diseases in dogs and cats. Focusing on the zoonotic diseases that cats and dogs can harbour, the risks of transmission to humans and how vets can advise on and manage the risk with practical recommendations, the webinar will be presented by Ian Wright BVMS BSc MSc MRCVS from Withy Grove Veterinary Surgery.  Ian holds a Master’s degree in veterinary parasitology and continues to carry out research into companion animal parasites including work on intestinal nematodes.  He is also a member of the European Scientific Counsel of Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP UK).

We recently held 2 webinars for platinum members on rabies, given by Radford Davis of Iowa State University and I spoke about Leishmaniasis. Increased travel abroad as well as a reduction in border control makes seeing these diseases more likely in the UK.

This webinar is free to attend thanks to the kind support of Elanco – just click the register now button below

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Last week, Professor Richard Wall and John Helps gave excellent presentations on ticks and tick borne disease and the new anti- tick product, Bravecto. I enjoyed this lunch and learn immensely and would recommend it to you. As always, we record all our webinars and it is available to view by clicking the button below;

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John did some interesting polls which I have duplicated on a short survey. Please fill this out and one lucky person will win a bottle of champagne

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On Thursday we have 2 webinars:

Urinary disease as part of our small mammals expertise series given by our famous duo of exotic vets, Molly Varga and John Chitty, and Nick Carmichael will be talking about poisoning and using toxicology testing to get answers

Our small mammals series runs over 4 weeks and this is the second talk in the series.

All the webinars are recorded so that you can review them again or watch them for the first time if the live webinar is at an inconvenient time. The series costs £197 plus VAT and is covered by our 100% guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love it, we will refund you the whole amount

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Nick Carmichael will discuss ‘Has My Pet has been Poisoned? Veterinary Toxicology testing made easy’

Nick has given several webinars for The Webinar Vet and is a director of CTDS labs based in Leeds. Any users of his service should contact him for a free ticket for this webinar. This is a platinum members webinar and is free to attend. Non-members can purchase using the button below

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I’m busy getting the autumn programme together. If you have any speakers or topics you would like us to cover, please let me know

To your CPD success