Why The International Webinar Vet’s Virtual Exhibition is better than NAVC’s!

I’ve just spent most of Monday walking around The Gaylord Palms, a huge hotel in Orlando and home to one of the largest veterinary exhibitions in the world. It was interesting but not as good as our virtual exhibition!





  • Why do I say that?
  • It was so packed!
  • The food hall was like a bun fight to get the lunch box
  • I couldn’t get onto Purina’s stand to try their competition
  • The video sound was often drowned out by the delegates



I am now approximately 5 cm smaller after walking so much and I feel quite tired.



I walked around the stands but occasionally got disorientated or got chatting to somebody. In the end I took a lot of hours getting around



With our Virtual Exhibition



  • You can sit in a comfortable chair and peruse the stands at your leisure.
  • Prepare and eat some fresh food when you do it
  • Listen to the videos in a quiet environment
  • Enter the competitions on the stands without having to wait in a queue
  • Just concentrate solely on that and take a fraction of the time!



Okay, okay, I am being a tiny bit tongue in cheek but these big exhibitions can be enormous. I felt I saw a tiny percentage of the exhibition stands at LVS as well. I am, of course enjoying myself immensely at The NAVC.



On my way to The Gaylord Palms on the congress bus, I met Mr and Mrs Hurley. Mr Hurley is a vet vet. He was in WWII in France for the American Army under General Paton before returning home and training to be a vet in Detroit. He is 90 this year and was coming to learn at the congress- a lifelong learner, I think it is fair to say



Our Virtual Exhibition has been receiving lots of visits from you and I would suggest those who have not visited yet to go and have a look at all the interesting information as well as enter the various competitions.  For those of you that have already visited – there have been some new additions so it is worth popping back for a nosey around.


  • Check out Animalcare’s competition to win a computer tablet with cephacare.



  • Virbac have several hours of webinars to show you at their stand.



  • VetArk have got videos on probiotics as well as showing their range of products for exotics.



  • Shor-line are showing some of their fantastic cages.



  • Bonovate are playing a new Spot the ball with the winner getting another CPD course from the RVC


  • Bayer have their webinars on the site as well as some really interesting resources for the practice.




Do check out the stands and let me know which one you think is the best. I’m just off to the International delegate reception at The Marriott as I finish this to meet friends. Of course, actual congresses do have their benefits as well!


Enjoy the exhibition



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