Why can’t we all just get along?

I had a busy week last week. Wendy and I went down to the SPVS/VPMA technology day in Staverton on Wednesday evening. Arriving at about 6pm, we went for a stroll through the gorgeous country village until we found the local pub. Wendy tells me that she led a sheltered life until she met me. I introduced her to pubs! I even interviewed her in a pub! The food was delicious and the real ales were very good too.

In idyllic situations like that it’s hard to know why people can’t get on better. We only¬† need to watch the news to see how difficult it can be for neighbour to get on with neighbour, tribe with tribe and nation with nation.

I know the same thing can happen in veterinary practices too and have experienced it myself in my own career. Jealousy, pettiness, a desire for power over other people can make working conditions intolerable at times for people and can, of course, massively affect productivity. The Harvard Business Review studied civility in business and found those businesses where civility was part of the culture were happier places to work in and were more profitable. It’s hardly rocket science!

Why am I wittering on, I hear you say?

Well, we are very fortunate to have Helen Goldberg, a leading veterinary consultant in team development, talking to us next Wednesday evening at 8 pm on this very topic.

Her webinar is entitled “Why can’t we all just get along”- developing insights to create a dynamic, harmonious team.


This webinar is free to attend thanks to the very kind sponsorship of Ceva Animal Health. Of course, this webinar is not a clinical one, however, there will be a short presentation about Ceva’s new product, Vectra 3D, a flea and tick ectoparasiticide.

Nevertheless, a tense, difficult environment is not pleasant to work in and everyone has the right to work in a convivial atmosphere. This webinar is relevant to anyone in the veterinary team: nurses, receptionists, veterinary assistants and especially the boss who really decides on the culture in the practice!

I’m looking forward to it! Why not have a staff meeting next Wednesday; get some wine and pizzas in and sit down together and see how your team can become even better and more fun to work in!

See you Wednesday


To your CPD success

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