What’s on this week at The Webinar Vet

I’ve just had an amazing weekend at Vet Dynamics Annual Congress in Cheltenham. Cheltenham is an amazing place: striking architecture, lots of green and the Cheltenham Chase Hotel looked after us very well.

The theme of their congress this year was the psychology of success and they had fantastic speakers including Sam Bowden from Australia, Helen Frewin and Brian Faulkner.

I want to give you a potted precis of the notes but if success psychology is not your thing then just scroll to the end of the email.

Sam talked about the rocket ship of success. To get into orbit a rocket has many components. We too need process, strategy and mindset to hit our goals. Our success is also linked to our beliefs, opinions and convictions. What does the little voice in your head tell you at various times. Is it positive or are there limiting beliefs which are holding you back like perfectionism or beliefs around wealth.

Your beliefs are, of course, influenced by your culture (family, country) and the experiences you have had and the mentors you have had in your life. Word of advice, if you haven’t got a mentor, get one and not only one, you can have several assisting you in different areas of your life.

We all have limiting beliefs. Sam suggested the following approach:

  • Write it down
  • Question it
  • Consider what life would be like if you never had the thought
  • Consider what the opposite is
  • Have some support links to help you to think it through
  • Act in the way you would like to become (fake it until you make it). Behaviour and results are often driven by who we believe we are. A reset can really act in a positive way.

By changing your belief, the result will be more likely to be successful. Goal setting in this way also gives momentum. Some of this is slightly uncomfortable for me as a Brit where we do not always laud peoples’ achievements but it was certainly an excellent presentation and food for though.

Brian Faulkner talked about success DNA but also the importance of environment and beliefs within this.

Finally Helen Frewin discussed emotional intelligence and mindfulness. These are both really important topics which she covered excellently. Emotional intelligence is about being smart with our emotions and having a high regard for yourself and others. Helen talked about being mindful of areas which may need improvement in your life and then deciding how you might accomplish that. However, it is also good to concentrate on your genius. If you are not sure of your genius, I suggest you visit my mentor’s website www.geniusu.com for a free test and feel free to connect with me too.

It’s worth checking out Helen’s recommendation:

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Bradberry and Greaves.www.thewebinarvet.com/book-recommendations/

I would highly recommend Alan’s mastermind group to anyone who feels mentoring could benefit them. The enthusiasm of his group was phenomenal and he’s getting some fantastic results too!

Virtual Congress

We are putting the final touches to our 4th International Webinar Vet Virtual Congress. The theme is going to be geriatric and paediatric medicine and surgery. Mike Willard and Mike Herrtage will be speaking again along with a host of fantastic speakers. I  will let you know when you can buy tickets

This week at The Webinar Vet

Tomorrow, Tuesday at 1pm, Alan Radford will be sharing how his SAVSNET disease monitoring service is developing. This is a really great resource for the veterinary profession and I hope you can make it, if not, register and we will get the recording over to you.


Valerie Jonckheer-Sheehy will be discussing noise phobias at our monthly nurse webinar on Thursday between 1-2pm. This is free to attend for all platinum members and is available to purchase for £40 plus VAT if you want to get yourself up to speed for Bonfire Night.


Our Thursday evening platinum webinar will be given by Liz Mullineaux who will be discussing treating wildlife within the law. This is a potential minefield area and I’m very confident Liz will shed some light on this.


Finally for those of you with a large animal bent, Andrew Forbes will be discussing liver fluke as part of Norbrook’s summer webinar series next week 15th September at 8pm


I’m looking forward to a great week and hope you have a great one too.