What would you do if a rabid dog was discovered near your practice? Don’t know… you better sign up for our webinar!

Our platinum members were recently lucky enough to have Dr Radford Davis from Iowa State University speak to us about rabies. Thank goodness it is not a disease we see in the UK but for how long will that continue. I wonder how robust our regulations are for keeping puppies out from Eastern Europe. Cases have been recognised in France and Holland recently.

Of course, it’s not just rabies there are other diseases such as Leishmaniasis that I recently discussed in a Thursday night webinar too. I decided that it was time to do a webinar on zoonotic diseases  for our non platinum vets who have not had the opportunity to watch these webinars.

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Ian Wright is a veterinary parasitologist and he will be discussing the zoonotic diseases that cats and dogs can harbour; the risk of transmission to humans and how vets can advise owners about these difficult issues.

This webinar is free to attend thanks to the kind sponsorship of Elanco and takes place next week on Tuesday 29th April at 8pm.

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I’m really looking forward to it and I’m hoping to see you at what is such an important topic

To your CPD success


P.S Here is the link again http://www.thewebinarvet.com/elanco-register/