What to do about the pilot badger cull?

I remember seeing my first badger in the wild when I was working at a stud farm before starting University. I was working on the Cholmondely Estate in Cheshire and the gamekeeper took me out one night to the local badger sett. It was magical to see them before they scuttled away when they realised something was up.

The pilot badger cull, a hugely emotive subject, has begun in the South West. I realised how controversial this topic was going to be and suggested to the BVA that we should hold a webinar on this. We held two in the end, both by Carl Padgett which were excellent.

I feel very sad about what is going on but I do think we need to go ahead with the pilot cull to see what effect it has. In Ireland, a similar policy seems to have reduced the number of reactors found in cattle herds in the area of the cull.

If you want to have a look at these contentious issues webinars again, just go to www.thewebinarvet.com/bva-webinars