Wendy is looking forward to our webinar on Wednesday with Didier

I’ve just spoken to Wendy who has just done her practice connection with Didier Carlotti, world-renowned dermatologist. He is presenting on his approach to feline pruritus on Wednesday 1st May at 8pm BST.

Thanks to the kind sponsorship of Elanco, the makers of Comfortis, this is a complimentary webinar for you to attend.

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As well as being a famous dermatologist, Didier is an eminent oenologist. I have purchased a bottle of Chateau Haut-Chaigneau, 2001, hopefully a delicious bottle of claret to enjoy- Didier is from the Gironde. Be controversial and buy a bottle of Burgundy if you want but the atmosphere could get ugly if he knows you are not drinking a Bordeaux wine!

Whatever you choose to drink, alcoholic or otherwise, you’re most welcome to this webinar courtesy of Elanco and ourselves.


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