The Week Ahead: 31st July – 6th August


Take a moment to try this, you’ll be intrigued…

Close your eyes for a minute or so and just listen to whatever sounds are going on around you. Relax all your limbs, and slowly but surely, allow any thoughts that are popping up to completely pass.

Don’t fight them, let them pass.

It’s difficult, but try not to let your mind wander. Try and keep your mind free of any passing thoughts and focus on the state of complete stillness.

Hold this state for as long as you can – or for as long as you’re comfortable with. Slowly open your eyes again and bring yourself back into full awareness.



How was that? Does the world seem a bit different than it did a few moments ago?

One of the things that most people are striving for, whether they realise it or not, is a still mind. The benefits are considerable…


Five benefits of a still mind

  1. Lessens worry & anxiety
  2. Helps develop positive social connections
  3. Improves your mood & emotional intelligence
  4. Enhances self-esteem & self-acceptance
  5. Increases optimism, relaxation and awareness

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” – Lao Tzu





Upcoming Webinars

“Lameness in sheep: surely it’s just blue spray”
by Joe Angell

Broadcast Live: 8.00pm (BST) on Wednesday 2nd August 2017

In this Webinar we will look at a practical approach to diagnosing, investigating and dealing with lameness on sheep farms and by applying up-to-date evidence understand the tools available to control and reduce lameness on UK farms.

If you are a Farm or Diamond member, then you will be automatically registered for this webinar and will receive a link to join one hour before the live broadcast. If you’re not a member, please click the link below to purchase.




“Biliary Tract Abnormalities in Dogs and Cats: Not as Rare
as Most Clinicians Think… Continued”
by Mike Willard

Broadcast Live: 8.30pm (BST) on Thursday 3rd August 2017

This is a case-based discussion of maladies affecting the gall bladder in dogs and cats. The more common causes of gall bladder disease will be discussed in relation to the best way to diagnose them, the most appropriate means of therapy, and the most common mistakes made by clinicians.

If you are a Nurse, Lite, Platinum or Diamond member, then you will be automatically registered for this webinar and will receive a link for the webinar one hour before the start of the live broadcast. Otherwise, please click the link below to purchase this webinar.




“August Sunday Meditation”
by Mike Scanlan & Megan Halweood

Broadcast Live: 7.00pm (BST) on Sunday 6th August 2017

Dr Mike Scanlan and Megan Halewood will be discussing the latest Mindfulness topics and guiding you through meditations.

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Have a great week and we’ll see you on another webinar soon!


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