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Everyone has more potential than they realise – our Meditation Sundays have taught us there’s a key to help unlocking your potential, and it’s surprisingly simple. remain calm.

There’s science behind it…

Fear, stress and anxiety are emotions that affect the frontal lobe area of the brain, which is responsible for solving problems – obviously hindering your ability to think clearly and find solutions.

In the state of being perfectly calm, the effects of these emotions are almost completely negated.

It allows you to address your most intricate problems to a higher degree and in more depth.

Making calmness a universal solution – not just for the veterinary industry, but life in general.

“Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself. You will then find out how easy it is to get along.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

Upcoming Webinars

“Reproductive Management Strategies for High-Producing Dairy Herds”
by Dr Paul Fricke

Broadcast Live: 1.00pm (BST) on Thursday 27th July 2017


Ceva Animal Health are proud to sponsor this webinar by Paul Fricke from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Fricke is a popular speaker for dairy producer, industry, and veterinary audiences in the U.S, Canada, UK and around the world. Dr. Fricke focuses on understanding the biology underlying the many reproductive problems facing modern breeds of dairy cattle that limit their productivity.

This webinar is free to attend; if you haven’t already done so, you can register via the link below. You will receive a link to access the webinar one hour before it begins.




“Investigation and Management of Chronic Diarrhoea in Dogs”
by Anna Threlfall

Broadcast Live: 8.30pm (BST) on Thursday 27th July 2017

This webinar will provide a practical approach for the investigation of chronic diarrhoea in dogs and discuss the management tools available. Dietary management, various supportive medications and immunosuppressive strategies will be covered. The second half of the presentation will explore three cases of chronic diarrhoea. Chronic diarrhoea is a vast topic and this presentation really focuses on the logical approach to investigations and management relevant to the general practice setting.

If you are a Practice Management, Platinum or Diamond member, then you will be automatically registered for this webinar and will receive a link one hour before the start of the live broadcast. Otherwise, please click the link below to purchase this webinar.






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