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We offer all BVA members half price membership of The Webinar Vet’s platinum membership.

This is going up in January to £73.50 plus VAT per month or £735 plus VAT for the year- a saving of 20%. Non-members will be paying £147plus VAT a month or £1470 plus VAT for the year.

This increase is not happening until January 2nd, 2014. Those who sign in before that time will be able to fix the rate at the present rate

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Both rates are fantastic value but if you have been considering membership and haven’t got around to it now is the time

This is what you get

Over 200 hours of recorded archive worth £7000
40 hours per year on Thursday nights £1500
Practice Management Series £600
Newsletter £250
CD £250
CPD tracker £200

This is nearly £10000 worth of veterinary CPD.

We also provide discounts off other webinar vet events and conferences. We recently got a discount off a SPVS/VPMA technology day and the Sheep Veterinary Society’s webinar series is £100 cheaper with platinum membership..

I’m so confident that you will love the service that we give a 100% no quibble guarantee with a full refund if you are not 100% happy

If you sign up for membership before the end of December and pay for the year, I will also give you a special bonus of a free ticket for our virtual congress. These tickets are selling at £197 on our website but I will give you it for free.

Our practice membership prices will also be rising so if you want to get the practice fired up with CPD, contact me and I will work you out a price. BVA practices get a 50% discount!

Practice Membership

I can remember when I first came across webinars. I had gone down to London to an internet conference organised by Mark Anastasi. It was there in a busy central London hotel that I met Steven Essa, an Australian, and expert on webinars. We’ve since become good friends but then he just came across as a bundle of energy. I immediately saw the possibility of running webinars for vets as a way of cutting down on travel to visit far flung hotels to pick up an hour of veterinary CPD.

Within a short time and completely under the radar of most of the veterinary profession and certainly the traditional CPD providers, we were providing quality veterinary CPD direct into busy vets homes without the need to travel. In our straightened times that not only saves time but also money too.

Many vets have since joined our platinum membership, where they get weekly small animal webinars as well as a huge archive of recorded webinars, a monthly newsletter and CD and discounts to many of the other series that we run.

Here are just a few of their testimonials

Firstly I would like to thank you all for making quality, affordable CPD so readily accessible. I tried alternative online CPD providers a few years ago, but was disappointed, not so with the Webinar Vet!!! Thank you for all your hard work.

Hamish Imlach

Not the famous Scottish folk singer but a vet in Barnsley who has done many more hours than he needed to do to fulfil RCVS requirements because he loves his job and wants to be the best vet he can be.

Rachel Brown’s practice is by The Angel of The North in Newcastle and she was named our Webinar Vet of The Year, 2013 by virtue of the fact that she had already fulfilled her veterinary CPD requirements by the beginning of March just by doing webinars.

This is her amusing thoughts on our service

Working part time with two small demanding children; an equally demanding husband; a variety of waifs and stray pets and a crumbling old house to restore time is always of the essence. As the years have gone by I have become increasingly eager to learn and love doing CPD ( initially I have to confess I felt it was a bit of a chore )

At one of the practices I work for the principal told me she had signed me up to become a “Webinar Vet”. I was slow to start but have a new laptop and now Anthony Chadwick has become part of our family life. My husband has complained on occasion that he even comes to bed with us !

If I am at home alone doing chores in one room instead of turning on the radio or TV I watch veterinary webinars. They are great as you can pause them if you are interrupted and re-watch them as many times as you like to jot down snippets of useful information. I find them very user friendly and all in the comfort of my own home.

I have found myself learning about subjects that I would never otherwise have considered signing up for, paying for and having to travel to. In the past I would attend the odd lecture and feel that it was a waste of a valuable evening but not the case here as you can just turn it off ! Although thankfully that has only occurred once….. and I shan’t tell you which one !

My husband who is in the property business has commented on what a fabulous resource it is and feels his industry would gratefully benefit from the equivalent.

Thank you Mr Chadwick and keep the webinars flowing!

Rachel Brown, Premier Vets

We now have over 200 hours of small animal webinars including anaesthesia, behaviour, dermatology(my favourite subject), endocrinology, gastroenterology, practice management, avian studies, small mammals, surgery and many other topics.

If you see cattle, sheep, horses or poultry, we are also building up a library of webinars on these topics too.

I love the breadth of subjects and the quality of speaker that we attract at The Webinar Vet. In the last year alone, we have had famous international lecturers from Australia, Canada, America and the UK as well as South Africa.

Our virtual congress has over 300 vets registered for it who will listen in from 26 different countries on January 11th, 2014. This is an all day congress on a Saturday with 2 streams in the morning and afternoon. The ones you miss live you can watch recorded- a real advantage of Webinar Vet membership. You really don’t have to miss a thing!

Check out the programme at

I think John Stitt put it best when he joined The Webinar Vet’s platinum membership 3 years ago. He’s still a member!

Hi Anthony,

Good to hear from you again, seems like ages since I last saw you. Getting old up here! Don’t get out and about as much as I did, can always find something better to do than follow the vet things!

Still do my CPD though! So found the webinar interesting & useful revision, also very convenient. The novelty of nights in hotels wears off eventually & it’s nice to sit at the computer with a cup of tea (glass of wine more like it) and keep up to date with a few things.

I for one will be happy to pay for webinars & I think they will go down well.

I think we manage to work up our cases reasonably well in the practice, like you say you just need to give the cases a little time.

Hope this finds you well & look forward to bumping into you again some time.

John Stitt, Alexander Veterinary Centre

Many vets had become demoralised with all the travelling for their veterinary CPD. This novel approach which I pioneered has made many vets fall back in love with the profession. I certainly enjoy my CPD a lot more now! As does Graham from Bradford

Did enjoy the radiography talk by Professor Herrtage, as I have the others. Radiographs showed up well – better to view than when seen at meetings projected onto screens.

I like the idea of radiograph readings, even if it brings back distant traumatic memories of such sessions at College!

I am finding the webinars an excellent way of getting CPD – so much more efficient than going to meetings and the refreshments are better, even if I have to pour them myself. To be honest got a bit fed up of driving to and from meetings after work and only just about managed my CPD requirements. With the webinars I have attended more CPD than for years.

Thanks for your work,

Graham Roberts Bradford

As we move close to 2014, many people ask me what new things we have up our sleeves. There are lots of possibilities in the whole internet learning space. We have pioneered webinars for pet owners and these are ideal to educate your pet owner when you simply don’t have the time.

Our CPD tracker tracks the webinars you watch live or recorded so that you don’t have to worry about remembering them for the Royal College form, although, we do recommend you looking at the College’s online CPD form which has space for reflection on the learnings you have had from the webinar

We are beginning to set up interactive quizzes at the end of the webinar after a suggestion from one of our members and we often have polls during our webinars.

Once a month, our members receive a newsletter from us along with a CD of one of the talks that they can listen to in their car when they are driving to work. This allows wasted time to be effectively used to get new learnings.

We will also in 2014 be adding more recorded webinars to the archive from our activities in North America and Africa. This year we have also given free membership to final year students who are BVA members. Just another bonus for BVA members, thanks to our close relationship with BVA. We also offer all BVA members half price membership of The Webinar Vet’s platinum membership.

This is going up in January to £73.50 plus VAT per month or £735 plus VAT for the year- a saving of 20%. Non-members will be paying £147plus VAT a month or £1470 plus VAT for the year.

This increase is not happening until January 2nd, 2014. Those who sign in before that time will be able to fix the rate at the present rate

£50.50 plus VAT per month or £505 plus VAT for the year for BVA members or

£101 plus VAT per month or £1010 plus VAT for the year if you are not in BVA

We have a cracking programme in 2014 with webinars for every taste. Our Thursday night ones cover small mammals, tortoises, geese, dogs and cats and we also offer memberships in cattle, sheep, horses and chickens- something for everyone’s taste!

We’ll be covering dermatology, clinical pathology, internal medicine, orthopaedics and many other topics. I’ve included our programme up until the beginning of May as an attachment for you to peruse. Of course, platinum membership also gives you full access to our archive which has over 200 hours of small animal lectures in it. Many of these lectures were chosen by our members. We have a very close relationship with them and through surveys and chatting via email, phone or conference we get a very good idea of what vets in practice find useful. Of course, I was in first opinion practice myself for 20 years and I still consult in my favourite subject, dermatology.



Thur 9th 9pm Top Tips for Weight Management in Cats Alex German Small Animal Webinar
Wed 15th 1pm Nursing of Wild Birds Kate Wallis Nurse Webinar
Wed 15th 8.30pm Anatomy & Post-Mortem Guide The Chicken Vet, Chicken Series
Thur 16th 9pm Dermatology of Rabbits and Rodents Stephen White Small Animal Webinar
Wed 22nd 7pm Sheep Parasites – Avoiding Resistance Neil Sargison SQP Webinar
Thur 23rd 9pm Treating the pet goose Victoria Roberts Small Animal Webinar


Thur 6th 9pm Dental Radiography and Radiology Rachel Perry Small Animal Webinar
Wed 12th 8.30pm Disorders of the Digestive System The Chicken Vet, Chicken Series
Thur 13th 9pm Anaesthesia in tortoises Neil Forbes Small Animal Webinar
Thur 20th 9pm Ketoacidosis in dogs Mike Herrtage Small Animal Webinar
Wed 26th 7pm Companion Animal Zoonoses Martin Shakespeare SQP Webinar
Thur 27th 9pm Rabies- an increasing threat Radford Davis Small Animal Webinar


Thur 6th 9pm Ultrasonography of the bladders Robert Williams Small Animal Webinar
Wed 12th 8.30pm Respiratory Tract Disorders The Chicken Vet, Chicken Series
Thur 13th 9pm Uraemia in cats Sheri Ross Small Animal Webinar
Thur 20th 9pm Feline adrenal disease Sarah Caney Small Animal Webinar
Wed 25th 7pm First Aid for Dogs & Cats Claire Bloor SQP Webinar
Thur 27th 9pm Happy Birthday to me! An interactive meeting on shampoos Anthony Chadwick Small Animal Webinar


10th April 9pm Elbow dysplasia John Innes Small Animal Webinar
17th April 9pm Feline cardiomyopathy Jacques Sottiaux Small Animal Webinar
Wed 23rd 7pm POM-VPS Vacccine in Cattle & Sheep Kate Hovers SQP Webinar
Wed 23rd 8.30pm Reproductive Disorders The Chicken Vet Chicken Series
24th April 9pm Imaging of the abdomen-case studies Mike Herrtage Small Animal Webinar


Thur 1st May 9pm Has this pet been poisoned? Nick Carmichael Small Animal Webinar

As I mentioned previously, our prices will increase on January 2nd from £101 plus VAT to £147 plus VAT. However, if you are a member of BVA, you will qualify for a 50% discount. Our membership discount more than covers your BVA subscription plus you get all the other benefits of BVA membership.

We also offer practice membership. Please feel free to call or email the office if you need any clarification.

Our email is and the telephone number is 0151 324 0580

I was speaking to one of our members, Stefan , recently and he said our answerphone can appear a little curt. I have changed that to a more welcoming message. If Kathryn does not pick up, leave a message and she will get back to you. I really appreciated Stefan’s feedback because I want The Webinar Vet to be the best service I can provide

I would really love to welcome you to The Webinar Vet as a platinum member particularly before the prices go up and join all the other vets who have learnt how to make learning fun again.

I really appreciate the webinar CPD offered by your company and particularly the range of free webinars on offer. I am working my way through ones for which I have registered on recording, so please do not take my lack of attendance at the live events as being a lack of interest – it is just that the live events are very often at times I am unable to participate. I must say, I also enjoy taking my time over the recordings, pausing them, taking notes and rewinding if there is a point I am unclear on, so I really get the most out of them.

Many thanks for your excellent work!

Jacqueline Marshall BVetMed MRCVS MRQA, Dechra Laboratory Services

I write to extend my sincere appreciation to the organizing team for giving me the opportunity to not only learn but also expand my scope of knowledge through the webinar program.

My sincere thanks also to Rachel for her peculiar, wise and informative presentation on Monday. I can’t wait to attend her next presentation today.

I also forward to attend to more of your future webinars. Keep it up and cheers.

Momanyi Kelvin Nyariaro, Kenya

Such a broad range of interesting topics available at a time to suit busy professionals. I particularly enjoyed learning more about topics not directly related to my day to day job, however, very useful to broaden my knowledge.

Linda Day

The Webinar Vet is an invaluable source of CPD. The webinars are always high quality and by being a Platinum member I watch many lectures on subjects I would not normally choose but have been very useful and informative giving me a broader knowledge.

Bryony Herrod-Taylor

The Webinar Vet has helped me expand my knowledge in my own time. I find the recordings allow me to retain the information better as I can go back over parts I might not have understood and allows me to challenge myself.

Lizzie Walker, RVN

Before The Webinar Vet it was not easy to do CPD but now it is so easy to sign up and do CPD online and even do recorded webinars if you have missed them live. Excellent stuff and wonderful staff!

Kenneth Hall, Companion Care, Linwood

I joined The Webinar Vet at the end of January 2013 and I have done 14 hours of CPD already in 3 months! I work as a locum and have found this a very economical and effective way of learning.

Jade Statt

The Virtual Congress was a great day. 6 hours of good quality CPD live – able to relax, sit at home with a cup of coffee and learn at the same time. Plus able to revisit bits you can’t remember!


I am finding the range of topics covered by you really useful and interesting, both clinical and non. I work in a small rural practice where I don’t find much time to travel for conventional cpd but have odd times in the day/week when I can attend a web-based session. Useful ideas from website design to dentistry so far!

Many thanks!

Iain, Newlands Veterinary Group Ltd

HAPPY NEW YEAR and a big thank you to everyone at The Webinar Vet. Without you I would have difficulty meeting my CPD requirement due to lack of time & lack of funds. However your great webinars are always very interesting & informative and I am able to very easily do far more than the basic 15 hours a year. Also it isn’t a chore as there is always something of great interest to follow. I recommend The Webinar Vet to my colleagues, past & present!

Jill Mitchinson, Hopwood Veterinary Centre

I find the webinars superb with respect to both content and value for money. It also means you can keep up to date with all aspects of vet medicine and surgery, whereas with a lot of the day courses (which my cpd allowance will not cover) the topic is generally very specific and although informative, two days of external cpd is more than my allowance affords and I don’t get the same breadth of knowledge as I currently do.

Debbie Glasse, Lucas Vets

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU for my The Webinar Vet membership whilst I’ve been trying to return from a career break. Access to such a lot of convenient, high quality, CPD has made all the difference to me and enabled me to successfully return from a 7 year long career break (I’ve done nearly 200hrs CPD in the last 18months!). After all that hard work I’ve just landed a lovely part-time (2 days a week) job at a big, supportive practice and I started work last week. So I am writing to say thank you very much for your great webinars!

Ellen Harmer MA VetMB MRCVS

I have only just managed to watch the ferret webinar. I just wanted to say that I found it to be extremely useful. I was very glad to have it on a recording to jot down some of all that information passed on with clarity and enthusiasm by John Chitty. I rarely see ferrets and found this webinar greatly increased my knowledge and confidence for the next time one gets booked in.

Many thanks!

Victoria Williams-Mc Daid BVM&S; GPCert(SAM); MRCVS

I hope you have a great Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year

To your CPD success


PS just Click Here and sign up today. If you are not delighted in your first month, let us know and we will organise a full refund no questions asked