Dr Mandisa Greene

  • Webinar recorded on Tue 4th July, 2017
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If your pet is poorly or needs some preventative healthcare, it’s good to know who’s looking after them. We’re here to talk you through the specialisms and skills of different people in your veterinary team so by the end of this webinar you’ll know with confidence the difference between an RCVS Specialist and an Advanced Practitioner, a veterinary nurse and a student veterinary surgeon.

Five learning objectives for viewers of the webinar:
1. Learn about the people in your veterinary practice
2. Learn the different training paths for vets and vet nurses
3. Learn about the different qualifications and specialties of your veterinary surgeon
4. Understand how veterinary nurses can help you and your pet
5. Discover all your vet practice has to offer

Dr Mandisa Greene

A member of RCVS Council since 2014, Mandisa graduated as a vet from the University of Edinburgh in 2008. She stayed in Scotland for her first job, and then moved to a small animal practice in Biddulph, England, after a year. She has always had an interest in emergency and critical care, and after four years in day practice Mandisa moved to a specialist emergency clinic covering North Birmingham for two years and now works providing Locum veterinary services to practices in the West Midlands.

Lorraine Pitt RVN

Lorraine Pitt qualified in practice in 2009 from the Lodge Veterinary Centre in Birmingham. Shortly after qualifying as an RVN she moved to Charter Veterinary Surgeons where she practiced across the five branches in the Staffordshire/Cheshire border for four years before moving back home to Birmingham. She currently works as a Principal Nurse Manager for emergency service provider Vets Now. Lorraine’s main interests are in emergency and critical care. She believes a holistic approach to patient care is of utmost importance.

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