Eleanor Ferguson & Jerry Davies

  • Webinar recorded on Tue 21st October, 2014
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In this webinar, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Council Member and former president Jerry Davies and Head of Professional Conduct Eleanor Fergusson explain the recent changes to the RCVS complaints procedure. As part of the RCVS’s Strategic Plan, the College has reviewed its complaints procedure in order to reduce the time taken to process individual concerns, and to increase clarity to both veterinary surgeons/veterinary nurses and the complainants throughout the process.  The presentation will explain how these changes will affect the way the RCVS investigates concerns and how we are aiming to reduce the ‘fear factor’ felt by vets who have had concerns raised against them.Jerry and Eleanor will then outline an upcoming trial of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme, which may help to resolve less serious disputes to the satisfaction of both the veterinary surgeon and the complainant.

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