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  • Webinar recorded on Tue 28th June, 2016
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BVD,and the need to control it, is not new. But some things are new:
• better,more accessible screening tests are available
• there isgreater recognition that BVD control is about more than just vaccination
• a tradingenvironment is developing which is beginning to stigmatise animals and herds ofuncertain or BVD-positive status.

The BVD Free (England) scheme is definitely new, and this will be launched on 1st July.

Richard and Derek will both give short presentations to cover:
• BVD testing options
• interpretation of results
• effective control programmes
Allof this will be discussed in the context of the new BVD Free (England) scheme,and what role vets in practice will have in its success. The presentations willbe followed by a 20-minute Q and A discussion with both presenters.

Dr Richard Booth is a lecturer in Veterinary Extension Services and Infectious Diseasesof Cattle at the RVC. He qualified from the University of Bristol with a degreein Veterinary Science in 2005 having also completed an intercalated BSc inVeterinary Pathology at The Royal Veterinary College. He then went on to studyfor a PhD at the RVC entitled “Bovine Virus Diarrhoea Virus – A Longitudinal Farm Study Of The HealthProfiles And Molecular Epidemiology Associated With Viral Control”. In short, when it comes to BVD, Richard’s got form!

Derek Armstrong is the Lead Veterinary Science Expert at AHDB, and formerly ProgrammeManager (Endemic Diseases) at DairyCo. Derek qualified with a veterinary degreefrom University College, Dublin in 1983. He has been instrumental in gettingthe BVD Free (England) scheme up and running. Tasked with pulling together allthe various strands of the beef and dairy industries in England, his passionfor action on this tricky old chestnut has been infectious (learned a fewtricks from the virus itself, one wonders?!)

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