Alan Robinson

  • Webinar recorded on Tue 10th January, 2017
  • 1 hours 19 mins
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Where have all the Vets gone? – Recruitment, retention & resilience by Alan Robinson. The veterinary industry is transforming in terms of corporatization, competition,  commoditisation, client compliance and public perception. These changes are accompanied by concerns about vets’ mental well-being, new graduate support and preparedness and attrition from the profession. Much of this comes from the fact most vets work far too hard for far too long for far too little return due to inefficiency, frustration and poor profitability in their businesses. They labour under the induced fear, guilt and obligation of the false public and professional myth of expected altruism, social contract and non-commercialism that is at the heart of the professions recruitment, retention and resilience problems. This webinar explores the causes and some possible solutions.


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