Julie Dugmore

  • Webinar recorded on Wed 24th May, 2017
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Veterinary nurses – how can they help you and your pet by Julie Dugmore and Wendy Nevins. How can veterinary nurses help you and your pet? Most veterinary practices have at least one veterinary nurse, but we know it can often be quite confusing to understand how their areas of expertise and experience differ from a veterinary surgeon’s. In this webinar Julie Dugmore, the Head of Veterinary Nursing at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and Wendy Nevins, Junior Vice-President of the British Veterinary Nursing Association, will go through what veterinary nurses bring to the table, and how they can help you keep your pet healthy.
Five learning objectives:
  1. Learn how a veterinary nurse can help you keep your pet healthy
  2. Learn about some of the different clinical areas a veterinary nurse can specialise in
  3. Know how to use Find a Vet to find the best veterinary nurse for you
  4. Understand more about what’s involved in qualifying as a veterinary nurse
  5. Learn about how the RCVS enhances and upholds the standards of veterinary nurses
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