Sarah Page-Jones

  • Webinar recorded on Thu 8th September, 2016
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We aim to treat our patients using evidence-based medicine but when it comes to making managerial decisions we tend to leave good quality evidence behind; this means that decisions are often based on gut feel,a quick fix or a management fad that promises great things. Of course,quick fixes to difficult problems are very appealing, think about the diet industry for example, we know that losing weight is challenging but if someone promises us an easy answer we want to believe it and we’re often happy to pay for it even if results are anecdotal or short lived. Management is a bit like weight loss; we want to believe there are easy answers to what are often complex or intractable problems. The whole point of evidence-based management is to base what we do on the best available evidence so that we make better decisions for our businesses and the people within the demand spend less time managing the fallout associated with poor ones. This webinar will teach you a practical and pragmatic decision making process and give you the confidence to challenge poor management practices to support stronger business performance.

Sarah qualified from Liverpool University in 1997 and completed a RCVS Certificate in 2006. She held senior clinical and managerial positions in corporate and independent organisations prior to founding SPJ Consulting in 2011. She completed an MBA in 2013, graduating with distinction, and is a Fellow of the Center for Evidence-Based Management. Her expertise lies in strategy and organisational change,leadership and people management and she is currently studying towards a PhD in Organisational Studies.

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