Lucy Davison

  • Webinar recorded on Fri 18th August, 2017
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Tricks in Stabilizing the Unstable Diabetic Dog by Lucy Davison. This webinar will discuss twelve ‘top tips’ for stabilisation and management of diabetes in the diabetic dog. Areas covered will include diabetic monitoring, blood glucose curves and methodical investigation of unstable diabetic patients. Different types of insulin and the underlying causes of canine diabetes will also be discussed. The webinar will have a particular focus on simple and practical techniques for improving management of challenging diabetic patients in the practice.

Lucy qualified from Cambridge vet school in 1997. After three years in practice, she undertook a PhD in canine diabetes at the Royal Veterinary College, awarded in 2004. She then completed a residency in Small Animal Medicine in Cambridge, passing RCVS and European Specialist examinations in 2006. Lucy was awarded a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellowship at Cambridge Institute for Medical Research to undertake postdoctoral training in diabetes genetics, followed by a Wellcome Trust Veterinary Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford. She now combines this research with clinical work as a University Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine and Genetics in Cambridge. She has a special interest in genetics, immunology and endocrinology.


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