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  • Webinar recorded on Thu 25th August, 2016
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Toxic Tales – Cases in Small Animal Clinical Toxicology you need to know about by Nick Carmichael. In this Webinar Dr Nick Carmichael brings together a series of toxicology cases to give a practical guide to diagnostic toxicology. From suspect sausage rolls tossed over a fence by a neighbour to the perennial “it’s something the council put down”, every practice sees cases where toxins are suspected but until recently could not easily be confirmed. These cases can pose real challenges because the agent involved is often unknown and the clinical signs are often non specific. And yet clients really want answers to their concerns about poisons. Join Nick as he discusses cases of toxins, the testing behind the lab results and tips to guide you to get the most out of toxicology samples.

Dr Nick Carmichael’s interest in pathology started as an undergraduate and he was the first student in Scotland to undertake an intercalated degree in pathological sciences at the Dick Vet in Edinburgh in the early 1980’s. After 10 years in small animal practice including an internship at the University of Sydney and a mix of first and second opinion practices he returned to pathology becoming a clinical pathologist at Grange laboratories in Wetherby and later going on to become Head of Clinical Pathology at IDEXX until 2004. In that year in conjunction with Dr Torrance he opened CTDS, an independent  veterinary diagnostic laboratory and became a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Clinical Pathology. The Veterinary Pathiology Group, of which CTDS is part, is one of 5 labs which are owned and directed by the veterinary pathologists who work in them and who now employ 24 Boarded Clinical and Anatomic Pathologists. CTDS under Nick’s direction  has gone on to become a full accredited training laboratory by the Laboratory Standards Committee of the ECVCP and runs an approved training programme for clinical pathologists from across europe. Nick has gained his Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists, RCVS recognition as a Specialist in Veterinary Clinical Pathology and is a member of the ECVCP Education Committee setting educational standards for training pathologists throughout the EU. He is actively involved in all areas of clinical pathology but for tonight’s webinar has been involved with diagnostic toxicology extensively for the last 3 years following acquisition by CTDS of  Henry Leach Associates, a dedicated veterinary toxicology laboratory service. As a result Nick reports and consults on suspected toxin cases for private practices, research and government institutions as well as the Police and RSPCA.





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