John Berg

  • Webinar recorded on Sat 21st January, 2017
  • 0 hours 48 mins
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This session will provide a complete overview of liver biopsy and liver lobectomy. The section on liver biopsy will discuss the advantages of open liver biopsy over percutaneous needle biopsies, and will review techniques for obtaining biopsies from the edge of liver lobes (hemoclip and encircling suture techniques) and from the center of a lobe (punch technique). The section on liver lobectomy will review the main indications for liver lobectomy in dogs and cats, with emphasis on solitary liver masses and their prognosis. Decision making regarding performance of liver lobectomies in primary care practice will be discussed, with a review of essential anatomy. The encircling ligature technique will be discussed in detail, along with some ways in which vessel sealing devices can simplify the surgery. All biopsy and liver lobectomy procedures will be demonstrated using videos from actual patients.

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