Stuart McArthur

  • Webinar recorded on Thu 11th April, 2013
  • 1 hours 18 mins
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I hope to show fellow vets how quick and comforting it can be to comply with onerous and previously inexplicable cascade labeling requirements within both the VMR 2011 and the draft VMR 2013.

It really is simple! You have plenty of choice! – Comply using just a couple of clicks within your practice management system! – Or use a couple of screen taps on your iPad mini! – Why not use your smartphone? Or why not just use your old school laptop, macbook pro or PC?

My webinar will show how you can safely supply (dispense) medicines for unorthodox species from your own dispensary, compliant with the VMR 2013. How confident do you feel in a emergency 10 minute consult that you are supplying safe appropriate drugs at safe doses to unusual reptiles, birds, small mammals, or uncommon or cascade drugs to cats and dogs? So, see a monkey and deal with it! – be confident and still use best practice!

I will show you how you can find safe drug supply information from within your PMS, using a tablet , iPod touch, or a smartphone, or do this whilst sitting at a PC! Effective authorised and unathorised medicine data now available is always really helpful when you are in a consult crisis! If you are a Vet-One or telios PMS user, we will show you how your PMS can quickly replace a run to the practice library or a rummage for a well thumbed formulary. Any drug, any time, any place.

Finally, we know that we cant cover food producing species in one Webinar like this, but the compliance labels described are suited to all species commonly encountered. I own and run a veterinary hospital in Leeds, West Yorkshire with 12 or so nurses and 6 veterinary surgeons. We have a significant caseload in the areas of patient nursing, surgery and surgical nursing, internal medicine and exotic animal medicine

I created and manage the website This service assists vets in provision of immediate critical care data, drug doses for wild, exotic and domestic species and cascade label compliance with respect to the VMRs and the RCVS PSS. It is available via internet, smartphone and PMS in 2013.

I have written and contributed to an assortment of veterinary text books, journal papers and conference papers on the care of exotic species and I lecture regularly at several UK Universities and have spoken at many international veterinary conferences on chelonian medicine and surgery.

I have truly enjoyed being a large animal, small animal, exotic animal clinician and practice administrator since 1986.

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