Mike Davies

  • Webinar starts at 8:30 pm on Thu 14th September, 2017
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The Role of Minerals in Developmental Skeletal Disease by Mike Davies.

Mike Davies BVetMed CertVR CertSAO FRCVS 


I qualified at the Royal Veterinary College University of London in 1976, and have postgraduate RCVS Certificate qualifications in veterinary radiology, small animal orthopaedics, and I have a Fellowship by examination in clinical nutrition in cats and dogs. I am an  RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Clinical Nutrition (Small Animal)


I have worked in academia (RVC London (1987) and University of Nottingham (2009-16), in private practice (1st and 2nd opinion referral) in my own practice for 11.5 years Parkside on the Wirral) and in many others as a locum- most recently at Pride Vet Centre Derby running a Blue Cross clinic for the University.  I have also worked for several pet food manufacturers (Hills, Iams) and most pharmaceutical companies as a consultant – last fulltime appointments were in Technical services for Fort Dodge and then Pfizer afterwards until I moved North to work at Nottingham University– Associate Professor in Small Animal Clinical Practice (2009 – Dec 2016). I am currently a self-employed consultant. Before leaving Nottingham I was involved in clinical studies looking at the role of  minerals in small animal diseases, and I shall be presenting some of our new findings in this Webinar as well as an overview of the role of minerals in small animal orthopaedic diseases.

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