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  • Webinar recorded on Thu 14th September, 2017
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Minerals have many roles to play in the body including as structural components in tissues -notably  cartilage and bone, and also as components of metalloenzymes many of which are critical for normal development and maintenance of the musculoskeletal system. It is not surprising therefore that mineral deficiencies, excesses or imbalances are associated with common musculoskeletal diseases in the dog and cat. Of particular importance for the skeletal system are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, sulphur and manganese.

Young growing animals are particularly susceptible to acquire skeletal abnormalities if they do not receive adequate amounts, or if they are exposed to excessive amounts of essential minerals. In a recent study we have shown an association between mineral status (low zinc, copper and sulphur)  and medial coronoid process disease in dogs suggesting a role for minerals in the aetiopathogenesis of this disease and other forms of elbow dysplasia. In another recent study we have looked at mineral content in UK pet foods. For 13 minerals FEDIAF have recommended Guidelines for inclusion in pet foods and in our study a large number of UK pet foods did not comply with EU Guidelines on mineral content. Many were deficient in some minerals, contained excessive amounts of minerals or had a serious imbalance eg inverse Ca:P ratio and if fed exclusively for a long period of time these diets could result in skeletal or other disease.

In this Webinar I shall review the vital role that minerals have to play in the aetiopathogenesis, prevention and management of canine and feline orthopaedic diseases and report on the results of our recent studies.

Mike Davies BVetMed CertVR CertSAO FRCVS 


I qualified at the Royal Veterinary College University of London in 1976, and have postgraduate RCVS Certificate qualifications in veterinary radiology, small animal orthopaedics, and I have a Fellowship by examination in clinical nutrition in cats and dogs. I am an  RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Clinical Nutrition (Small Animal)


I have worked in academia (RVC London (1987) and University of Nottingham (2009-16), in private practice (1st and 2nd opinion referral) in my own practice for 11.5 years Parkside on the Wirral) and in many others as a locum- most recently at Pride Vet Centre Derby running a Blue Cross clinic for the University.  I have also worked for several pet food manufacturers (Hills, Iams) and most pharmaceutical companies as a consultant – last fulltime appointments were in Technical services for Fort Dodge and then Pfizer afterwards until I moved North to work at Nottingham University– Associate Professor in Small Animal Clinical Practice (2009 – Dec 2016). I am currently a self-employed consultant. Before leaving Nottingham I was involved in clinical studies looking at the role of  minerals in small animal diseases, and I shall be presenting some of our new findings in this Webinar as well as an overview of the role of minerals in small animal orthopaedic diseases.

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