Dr Paul Fricke

  • Webinar recorded on Thu 27th July, 2017
  • 1 hours 9 mins
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Ceva Animal Health are proud to sponsor this webinar by Paul Fricke from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Fricke is a popular speaker for dairy producer, industry, and veterinary audiences in the U.S, Canada, UK and around the world. Dr. Fricke focuses on understanding the biology underlying the many reproductive problems facing modern breeds of dairy cattle that limit their productivity.

Development of the Ovsynch protocol and timed AI over 20 years ago provided dairy managers with a tool to dramatically increase the AI service rate and yielded fertility similar to that of cows submitted for AI after a detected estrus. In this webinar, Dr. Fricke will give an overview the physiological concepts and the latest research by which modifications to the original Ovsynch protocol can now yield higher fertility to timed AI than AI after estrus in high-producing dairy cows.

Aggressive reproductive management strategies that incorporate these concepts can now yield AI service rates, fertility, and 21-d pregnancy rates that are unprecedented for high-producing Holstein dairy herds.

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