Dr. Radford Davis

  • Webinar recorded on Thu 27th February, 2014
  • 1 hours 3 mins
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Rabies kills an estimated 55,000 people globally today, with the dog being the major reservoir and source of human infection. In today’s fast moving, global world, veterinarians within the UK may have to address the rare concern of rabies even though the UK is considered free of the disease. This webinar will discuss the rabies virus, its incubation period and clinical signs in dogs and humans, pose scenarios the veterinarian may face in practice, and what should be if there is a human exposure to a rabid animal.

Dr. Radford Davis is an Associate Professor of Public Health in the College of Veterinary Medicine at IowaStateUniversity, Ames, Iowa, USA, where he teaches, and often annoys, veterinary students in the fundamentals of public health, zoonoses, One Health, and the role of veterinarians in global health. In addition to mentoring public health students, he also advises vet students and practicing vets in making the switch to a career in public health. He does his best to answer many zoonotic questions from vets and the general public, which oddly enough seem to focus mostly on rabies and dying. When not soothing fears generated from the latest international scourge, Radford tries to work in poor countries improving animal health and

human health in One Health-type projects. Radford also uses documentary photography to bring attention to public health issues that affect real people and advocate for change.

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