Sarah Heath

  • Webinar recorded on Tue 23rd May, 2017
  • 1 hours 10 mins
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Promoting behavioural medicine in general practice – the role of the veterinary nurse by Sarah Heath. Behavioural problems are a common reason for pet owners to approach their veterinary practice for advice and yet it is still relatively uncommon for practices to offer a full behavioural medicine service for their patients. One of the main obstacles to a wider incorporation of behavioural medicine into general small animal practice is the time consuming nature of behavioural investigation and the potential complexity of the interplay between human and animal components of the case. However,  every veterinary practice deals with behaviour issues to some extent and on a daily basis they are advising owners about behaviour topics and influencing the way in which owners think about their pet’s behaviour, however unwittingly. As a result it is essential that the practices has some basic understanding of behaviour and ensures that the advice that they give is in the best interests of their patient as well as their client. Veterinary nurses are ideally placed to promote behavioural medicine both to their colleagues and to their clients. This webinar will discuss the ways in which nurses can develop an active preventative service for owners of puppies and kittens, offer ongoing support to owners as their pets transition through adolescence to  adulthood and help to create practice environments that respect the behavioural needs of their patients.

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