• Webinar recorded on Tue 5th February, 2013
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Is positive people management and a great place to work a nice to have?  Great practices and the most successful businesses in the World know that it’s a got to have – as people are such a great lever to success.  In this webinar we will explore the evidence for people being the key to profit, growth, efficiency and everything else you could hope for in business – as well as how to make a start on tapping into this great resource.

What sales increases do you want to see?  What costs are you wanting to reduce?  What marketing do you want to bring to life and measure the impact of?  What improvements are you wanting to your word of mouth or Net Promoter Score?  And with all of these questions – how are you going to deliver such goals?   Through your people.

We’ll look at practical things you can do to re-connect your people with your profits – both in your own mind and in the everyday activity of people in the practice, working towards the overall objectives you have for the business.  This is not about asking your team to drive profits – as it’s most likely that will completely switch them off.  This is about finding ways to deliver profits through the everyday activities that your people can feel motivated to do well.

Helen is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with 10 years’ experience of developing people at work. A skilled coach and facilitator, Helen spends her time developing managers and leaders at all levels to achieve more through their people. This includes looking at best practice recruitment, learning and employee engagement.

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