Jane Dobson

  • Webinar recorded on Fri 23rd June, 2017
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Practical Approach to Mast Cell Tumours in Dogs by Jane Dobson. Mast cell tumours are a common tumour in dogs. They mainly affect the skin, although visceral forms of the disease are recognised. In recent years there have been significant advances in terms of predicting skin mast cell tumour behaviour and treatment, including the licencing of two tyrosine kinase inhibitors for the treatment of this condition. This Webinar aims to summarise current knowledge and best practice for management of canine cutaneous (& subcutaneous) mast cell tumours, with a particular focus on prognostic indicators and treatment decision making.

Graduate of the Royal Veterinary College, worked as houseman / registrar at the Beaumont Hospital (RVC) before studying comparative oncology at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London.  In 1984, moved to Cambridge as research assistant working on hyperthermia in the treatment of cancer, leading to DVetMed in 1989. Received BSAVA Woodrow award in 1994, Diplomate of ECVIM-CA, Internal Medicine in 1997, received BSAVA Blaine award in 2001. Founding Diplomate in the subspecialty of Oncology in ECVIM, 2004 and founding member of the European Radiation Oncology Education & Credentials Committee, 2013.  RCVS recognized specialist in Veterinary Oncology.  Awarded Fellowship of RCVS 2016 for meritorious contribution to Clinical Practice. Currently University Reader in Veterinary Oncology, University of Cambridge.  Main interests are in anti-cancer chemotherapy, radiotherapy and research into breed associated tumors in dogs.  Co-author of Small Animal Oncology, co-editor of 2nd & 3rd edition of the BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Oncology and author of over 90 peer reviewed publications.

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