Paul Aldridge

  • Webinar recorded on Thu 27th October, 2016
  • 1 hours 7 mins

Pharyngeal Stick Injuries: a surgical emergency? by Paul Aldridge. Playing ‘fetch’ with a stick is fun for owner and pet until something goes wrong, and we’re faced with the consequences! Pharyngeal and oesophageal puncture wounds caused by impalement on thrown sticks may present as an acute emergency, or be seen as a chronic wound. On acute presentation we need to assess the location and extent of damage sustained if we are to manage potentially life threatening consequences of injury. This webinar will look at the presentation, investigation and management of these challenging injuries.

Paul qualified from Liverpool University, and is currently general surgeon at Vets Now Referral Hospital in Manchester. Paul divides his time between emergency cases and surgical referral patients. His clinical interests include multiple trauma patients and the management of acute abdominal cases. He is widely involved in providing CPD for both nurses and vets, and is co-author of the recent book “Practical Emergency and Critical Care Nursing”.

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