• Webinar recorded on Thu 13th September, 2012
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Clinical oncology is as much about increasing awareness as treating cancer in pets. Cancer is an emotive disease because of its potential life-threatening nature, and counseling skills are essential when dealing with upset and worried owners. This is complicated by having to dispel diffuse negative preconceived notions about the disease and its treatment that may prevent pets from receiving effective and worthwhile options for care. Many owners may refuse to pursue treatment, or delay a decision to opt for anti-cancer treatment, when they are not appropriately informed. By wrongly comparing treatment for their pet with anti-cancer treatment in people, they may believe that their pet will suffer severe side effects, and that treatment represents a selfish choice rather than one made in their pet’s best interest.
Dr Chiara Penzo will address the most frequently asked questions by owners of pets with cancer to help to increase awareness and fight the most diffuse stigmas attached to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in pets. She will discuss from the owners’ point of view topics such as quality of life, survival statistics, adverse effects from anticancer therapy, health and safety & use of social media as a practice tool of owner support. Helping the owners to have a better understanding can ensure that they make an informed decision when selecting diagnostic tests and treatments. Delegates will take away practical information to assist clients in making the best decision for themselves and their pet.

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