Kevin Corley

  • Webinar starts at 8:00 pm on Wed 12th July, 2017
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Down But Not Out: Approach to the Sick Newborn Foal by Kevin Corley. Sick foals can represent a big challenge in the field as not only can disease progression be very rapid, but also clinical signs are not always obvious. Foals are the weakest members of the herd, of a prey species. This means that they must avoid showing clinical signs of illness for as long as possible. This often makes the vets, nurses and owners jobs much harder, as serious disease can have fairly subtle clinical signs. This is especially true of remaining standing, and it takes very marked disease to take a foal off its feet. This lecture covers treatment of the newborn foal, including clinical signs of common diseases, assessment, fluid therapy and initial treatment choices.

Kevin Corley works as an independent specialist consultant in internal medicine and critical care in the main breeding and racing area of Ireland. Kevin is a director of Veterinary Advances Ltd, the leading publisher of Apps for veterinarians. Dr Corley graduated from Edinburgh University, and has since completed an internship and PhD in London, a residency in Virginia, USA and was on faculty at the Royal Veterinary College in London for 5 years. Kevin is a diplomate of the American Colleges of Veterinary Internal Medicine and Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, and of the European College of Equine Internal Medicine. He is recognised as a veterinary specialist in Ireland, the UK and the USA. Kevin is well known for his work to advance the critical care of both adult horses and foals, and he is a co-editor of the recent book, The Equine Hospital Manual.


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