Emily Gascoigne

  • Webinar recorded on Wed 5th July, 2017
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Manipulating the Breeding Season in Ewes: Why, How, and Achieving the Best Results by Emily Gascoigne. Manipulation of the sheep breeding season is a common point of interaction between the vet and the sheep farmer. Flocks requiring intervention range from high value pedigree animals to fat lamb producers and the results can have significant implications for the performance and cost of production for the flock. During this webinar we will review the ewe’s reproductive physiology and consider how both pharmaceutical and managemental interventions can facilitate breeding out of season or synchronisation and achieving best results. Whilst there will be an emphasis on the commercial flock, we will discuss applicability for the smallholder.

Emily Gascoigne is a sheep vet working in practice with Synergy Farm Health LTD. After graduating from Cambridge in 2012 and completing an JCTS the RVC in association with Synergy, she began an alternative residency in 2015 working towards membership of the European College of Small Ruminant Health Management. In practice Emily works with commercial flocks and smallholders and her key clinical interests include lamb mortality, farmer engagement and the cost of production. She has her own flock of Hebridean sheep (which she sponges!).



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