Bobbie Flight

  • Webinar recorded on Tue 10th November, 2015
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Change is something that is happening to us all the time at home, in life and at work. Managing practice change well is difficult and the process can be a really tricky one, which can have an enormous impact on your self, your staff and your business. This Webinar takes a look at how change can affect your team and gives guidance on how to steer the way through it towards a successful outcome, with some practical pointers along the way. Bobbie qualified as a veterinary nurse in 1986 and has developed a wealth of experience working within the veterinary market ever since. Having spent a number of years in practice as a nurse and practice manager she went into industry and has had a variety of roles from account management and sales management through to brand management with companies such as NVS and Bayer and was responsible for setting up and creating the practice development portfolio for Intervet/ MSD Animal Health. A qualified marketeer with a broad and diverse skill base she is delighted to be working with the St Francis Group heading up their Business Academy, focusing on practical business CPD for practices. Much of the work Bobbie does is in training vets, nurses, receptionists and practice managers on communication skills, client care, leadership and business matters. She likes to make the programme as much fun and as interactive as possible and has successfully trained many thousands of people over the last few years, helping practices improve their skill sets and deliver greater service to their clients, adding more value to their businesses. She lives in Stanstead with an enormous mad cat called Charlie and Bolly and Tatty, her two scruffy miniature wire haired daschunds.

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