Natasha Wilks

  • Webinar recorded on Tue 2nd May, 2017
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The Leader Who Isn’t. Learn the common behaviours that erode your credibility and success as a leader in practice by Natasha Wilks.  The modern veterinary practice is staffed by people with differing experience, personalities, work ethic, motivation and ambition.  To create a successful team, you need an experienced leader who brings out the best in people and enables them to work together cohesively.  However, this doesn’t always occur as leadership doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Learn what behaviours erode your credibility and how they may be leading to disengagement, staff turnover, a toxic culture and stress in the workplace.

5 Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how Leadership is different from Managing
  • Learn what poor leadership is costing your business
  • Define who are the leaders in your veterinary practice
  • Understand the 7 behaviours that are eroding your credibility
  • How to avoid these behaviours

Dr Natasha Wilks of High Performance Vets, is a veterinarian and coach.  Natasha graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia in 1999 and has practiced in both Australia and the UK.  Natasha completed her coach training in 2007 and created High Performance Vets to help veterinarians overcome the challenges of practice and succeed in their career.  Natasha speaks at veterinary conferences and train practices in Australia and internationally, on topics ranging from Building Strong Client Relationships to Improving Wellbeing, Building Resilience and Stress Management.









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