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The objective of this webinar is to outline the issues involved in lamb performance (in particular
growth rate) and how health / disease issues fit into the overall matrix of factors. The outline of the webinar is:

1. Why is growth rate so important?

Growth rate is a directly related to the efficiency of production and profitability for example:

Feed costs

Value of lamb crop – timing and prices / carcase quality

Effect on ewe performance

2. What growth rates do we get in the UK?

Data to show that we are generally not doing well – DLWGs of less than 150g/day overall are common

Look at what is possible recent field data discussed

Setting sensible targets over defined periods and the best most practical way to measure

3. What are the main factors involved in high growth rates?

Discussion of the matrix of factors including pasture quality / quantity; health, genetics,
stocking rate; management, lambing dates; trace elements etc.

4. Making Improvements on sheep farms

How can we get involved to help sheep farmers improve?

Weaning weights a good start

Marketing patterns / carcase weights 8 week weights .

The final part of the webinar will include a discussion based on establishing the most important
weaknesses on a farm based on the factors previously explored within the matrix , what to measure and monitor and how to set achievable targets. This will then link to the use of abattoir information as part of the information process.

Lesley is an independent sheep consultant with over 30 years experience working with sheep farmers in the UK. Having graduated from Nottingham University in Animal Production, she spent 18 years working for ADAS) before starting up her own consultancy business (LSSC Ltd) in 1997. LSSC Ltd. provides specialist advice on all aspects of sheep production to farmers, corporate bodies, Vets, Government and NGOs. Lesley also played a central role in the instigation of the SCOPS group (Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep) and remains very active in the groups activities and on- going development. Lesley was appointed an OBE for services to the sheep industry in 2006.

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