Beth Jinks, David Catlow and Natalie Heppenstall

  • Webinar recorded on Mon 12th June, 2017
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Part of the territory of being a regulated professional is fulfilling responsibilities and abiding by rules set out in codes of conduct.  Whether you are a new graduate or a very experienced practitioner, you will encounter situations in practice where, ethically, you’re not sure what to do – maybe you’re considering breaching client confidentiality, or perhaps you don’t know whether you can delegate a duty to a lay member of staff. The RCVS Standards & Advice team provide telephone and email advice on all aspects of the Codes of Professional Conduct to help you with decision-making and practically implement the Supporting Guidance.

The aim of this webinar is to provide you with the confidence to approach us with questions and the knowledge of what we can assist with. We will also cover some of your most frequently asked questions and answer queries submitted by webinar viewers, with the assistance of David Catlow BVSc MRCVS, Clinical Director of the Blue Cross and current Chair of the RCVS Standards Committee.

Five learning objectives for viewers of the webinar

  1. To learn how the RCVS Standards & Advice team can support you through ethical quandaries at work
  2. To explore such common areas of confusion as delegation under Schedule 3, medicines, and use of social media
  3. To understand the background to the Codes and Supporting Guidance
  4. To learn how to use the Code and Supporting Guidance to become a more confident practitioner

To understand the Advice Team’s role at the RCVS, and how it’s separate from the Concerns investigation function

Beth began working as a Standards & Advisory Officer in 2016. She provides advice to both the public and the veterinary profession on professional standards, conduct and veterinary legislation and assists with the work of the RCVS Standards Committee. She is educated to postgraduate level in law.

Natalie has been a Standards & Advisory Officer at the RCVS since November 2015, and prior to that worked in the Professional Conduct department of the RCVS for four years. She has an MA in healthcare ethics & law and an active research interest in veterinary professional ethics.

David is currently the Clinical Director of Blue Cross, a charity that rehomes pets as well as promoting welfare and providing treatment. That is just one of his hats, however, as he is also a member of the RCVS Council as well as Chair of the RCVS Standards Committee.

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