Mark Jones and Viginia McKenna

  • Webinar recorded on Sat 21st January, 2017
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In 1966, the film Born Free was released. Based on the bestselling book of the same name, the film told the story of the rehabilitation and release of a lioness called Elsa in Kenya by pioneering naturalists and conservationists Joy and George Adamson. The Adamsons were played in the film by the actors Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers who were inspired by their experiences to set up the wildlife charity that became the Born Free Foundation. Fifty years on from the film’s release, Virginia McKenna OBE continues to inspire millions through her passion for the conservation and welfare of wild animals, and the charity she and her husband and son Will founded remains committed to the compassionate conservation of wildlife. In this keynote presentation, Virginia will describe her experiences, and her concerns for the future of lions in particular, and wildlife in general. She will be joined by Mark Jones, veterinarian and Associate Director at the Born Free Foundation, who will describe the ongoing threats faced by African lions and the efforts the Foundation is making to secure their future.

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