Anne Fawcett

  • Webinar recorded on Fri 20th January, 2017
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A recent UK study found a large variation in the moral reasoning abilities of qualified veterinarians, and that moral reasoning did not improve with experience. This webinar will explore what we mean when we talk about moral reasoning and ethics, and why veterinarians are expected to demonstrate higher moral reasoning skills than members of the public. We will then explore key frameworks for ethical decision making, including utilitarianism, deontology and virtue ethics, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each of these in isolation before suggesting a synthesised approach that veterinarians can develop.

Anne Fawcett completed an honours degree in philosophy, writing a thesis on the metaphysics and ethics of Spinoza, before studying veterinary science. In addition to working in companion animal practice, she lectures in veterinary ethics and professional practice at the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland. She has written over 30 peer-reviewed articles on veterinary ethics and aspects of primary veterinary care. She has also worked as a journalist, writing for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Veterinarian magazine. Anne continues to work in, and enjoy the challenges of, companion animal practice, in addition to lecturing.

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