• Webinar recorded on Tue 10th September, 2013
  • 1 hours 14 mins
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Corporate practices now account for 25% of practice ownership in the UK. This, combined with the new economy, is creating a new veterinary competitive environment for all practices. There are 3 separate corporate models to address and each have their own place and strategy in the market.. So where does a new graduate look for work; how does an independent practice owner formulate a strategy to compete, survive and perhaps even thrive in these tough times and what are your options for exit…? This Webinar reflects upon these and other questions facing veterinary practitioners in the new order of changing veterinary practice.

Alan Robinson B.V.Sc. MRCVS DMS is a vet and independent practice management consultant. His company, Vet Dynamics, works with independent practices to improve client quality, practice profitability and vet owner choices. He is founder of the Platinum Practice Academy, working with independent Veterinary Practice Owners to attain better clients, create more profit and free up time for a better veterinary life.

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