• Webinar recorded on Wed 8th February, 2012
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This webinar will be given by Gregers Gregerson and Kristian Penderson on osteoarthritis. Joint pain due to osteoarthritis is a common disease in dogs, cats and horses. Several investigators report osteoarthritis to be a problem in approximately 20% of dogs above 1 year of age. Osteoarthritis has a great impact on the quality of life of these animals, and joint pain in animals with osteoarthritis can be very difficult to treat effectively. Today most of these patients will be treated with 1) anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics and hyaluronic acid injections, 2) surgical intervention, and 3) nutritional supplementation. These approaches often offer only a temporary relief and some may have unpleasant side effects, e.g. NSAIDs.The Goldtreat Local Gold Treatment (LGT) technique for osteoarthritis, where metallic Gold implants (Berlock® implants) are placed close to the diseased joints is a medical concept resulting from recent research that has proved that there is a release of gold ions from implanted metallic gold and that the surface square of implants is important. This webinar will look into the findings in great detail.

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