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  • Webinar starts at 8:00 pm on Wed 6th December, 2017
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Establishing sheep farmer engagement and building interest is key to developing mutually beneficial sheep farmer-client relationships. How do you approach flock health planning? Where do you start on farm and how do you approach data collection for useful outcomes? To maintain farmer trust and engagement it is essential to know how, what and when to collect information and then how to use it! This webinar will use examples of on farm discussion, data collection and practical tips to demonstrate how successful outcomes can be achieved for both vet and farmer.

She achieved a BSc in Animal Science from the University of Leeds and then she went on to study Veterinary Science at the University of Liverpool.  She qualified in 2006 and started work in mixed practice in South Wales for three years before moving to Gloucestershire to work in large animal practice where she have been for the previous seven and a half years. The majority of my work is dairy and beef based. However, She developed the sheep side of the practice through the start of specific sheep training workshops, newsletters, discussion groups, involvement with producer groups and active flock health planning. Together with her husband, She also commercially farm 400 ewes producing fat lambs which has helped bridge the veterinary and sheep farmer understanding. She have been a committee member of the BCVA from 2007-2010 and She had recently completed a three year period as a committee member  of the Sheep Veterinary Society.

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