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  • Webinar recorded on Tue 17th January, 2017
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WVS by James Florence. WVS is a UK charity providing a veterinary response to help animals all over the world. From mass rabies and sterilisation campaigns, to wildlife conservation and disaster emergency response, WVS works with local charities providing veterinary training, veterinary supplies, volunteer teams and emergency advice. This webinar will provide you with a background to WVS and how they conduct their effective spay/neuter and vaccination campaigns, including the use of their newly designed data collection app. Details on volunteer opportunities for vets and nurses will be provided, including what a typical trip would include, and for vet students wanting clinical EMS, there will be full details on joining the popular surgical training courses in Thailand and India. Being a part of international veterinary work is on the increase and this webinar will show you what is involved and how you can be a part of it.

James has spent much of his life working for animal welfare and conservation organisations overseas. He returned to the UK in 2010, after spending eight years in Zambia, where he founded an elephant release programme and then later helped establish it to become the country’s only elephant orphanage and rehabilitation centre. James also spent two years working in a wildlife sanctuary, helping to rescue and rehabilitate a vast array of African wildlife and also creating a marketing strategy for other sanctuary’s in developing countries to follow. James has run his own Graphic Design and Audio/Visual Production company and has worked as a Development Project Manager for a well-known retail company. As Managing Director of WVS, his role is to oversee all aspects of the charity’s day-to-day operations, while generating long-term strategies and plans for the growth of the organisation.

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