Caroline Hewson

  • Webinar recorded on Wed 19th February, 2014
  • 1 hours 9 mins
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Veterinary nurses play an indispensable role in giving animals “the good death”. While you aren’t usually responsible for breaking the bad news and talking the owner through their decision, you are often involved in counselling clients then. During the euthanasia itself, your assistance and presence are essential.

All that can create a lot of pressure on you, however e.g., if you or the vet are already stretched or don’t know each other, or if the euthanasia is unexpected. You may worry about the client, and about how to behave e.g., is it OK if you find yourself shedding tears?

This webinar offers you:

  • A detailed euthanasia protocol–from when the client makes the appointment to when they collect their animal’s ashes.
  •  Tips about extra things you can say and do to make each euthanasia as easy as possible for the animal, their owner and you.
  •  An overview of the factors affecting clients’ grief, and the three different coping styles.
  •  An overview of factors that can put you at risk of compassion fatigue.
  •  Tools with which you can enhance your support for grieving clients without burning out.

By the end of the presentation, you will have a “toolbox” that you can draw on to ensure that every euthanasia case goes well, no matter what the circumstances.




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