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During this talk, Naomi will be talking about the qualifications and pathway to becoming a chartered animal physiotherapist and the comprehensive physiotherapy philosophy and approach.  Assessment strategies commonly used in practice, incorporating subjective with objective information to make treatment decisions.  Also some examples of treatment techniques and where they might be appropriate. She will try to bring this together with examples of her approach to treating problems such as back pain, spavin and sacroiliac pain with an emphasis on core and posture.  She will also speak about the interaction between horse and rider and the consequences of asymmetry or weakness and instability in the rider which may not be helping the horse to perform well or stay sound and comfortable in work. This is an area that is not often considered. We hope that this talk will provide a little information about ACPAT, who are a highly professional group of individuals with a desire to create a more united front to achieve the best results for horses and their riders. …and who were the sole providers of physiotherapy to the equines and equestrians at London 2012!!! Naomi graduated from Nottingham university 1996 with a BSc (Hons) in physiotherapy and then spent several years building up experience and expertise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy in both the NHS and private practice in the UK and Overseas.  Having owned and or ridden horses all her life she had a special interest in horses and finished her ACPAT (Association of Chartered physiotherapists in Animal Practice) in 2003 and has worked with horses in Kent, the USA and South Wales. She now has a thriving practice working with horses and riders ranging from team GB driving ponies, endurance horses, elite show jumpers and dressage horses to happy hackers. Her work ranges from post injury or surgical convalescence to pre competition checks. Naomi works as closely as possible with local and referring vets and other equine professionals, as she feels that the best results are achieved when there is a multidisciplinary team doing joined up thinking…even though this is not always easy! The symmetry and core stability of riders and the consequences for the horse is an area of particular interest to her.

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