John Chitty

  • Webinar recorded on Thu 29th October, 2015
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It is fair to say that most avian cases may be presented as urgent or emergency regardless of aetiology or chronicity of disease. The main reason is the bird’s ability to disguise clinical signs until the disease is far-progressed and rarely, if ever, reflects on owner observation. It is for this reason that birds have a bad name in veterinary medicine as they frequently die soon after presentation. This is particularly true for small birds that have a very high metabolic rate and very little reserve capacity. However, a calm and prompt response to many of these cases can result in a successful result or, at the very least, a well-managed and diagnosed case.
It is essential that all parts of the clinic are involved in successful case management and in particular with regard to owner communication and assessment of emergencies.
This presentation will look at the avian emergency from a “whole clinic” perspective from owner to vet consultation and stabilisation:

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