Dr. Sam Bowden

  • Webinar recorded on Tue 5th May, 2015
  • 1 hours 20 mins
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How often do you hear a geat idea and you decide that you want to bring that into yrou clinic. You want to make it “the way we do it around here” You start off excited and you tell the team all about it with passion …and the decline starts right there. You can just feel them thinking,”That will never work here” After a couple of weeks of trying a few times and trying to put a system in, it just gets too hard and although disappointed, you decide to let it go.


Did you know there is a SCIENCE to implementation? It’s got to do with getting the first 15% of the process right.

If you do this, you will STATISTICALLY get 85% of your desired outcome. Join Dr Sam Bowden in this incredibly practical online training as he walks you through his Implementation Matrix Formula. During this online training that walks you though how to take a new idea from concept to culture (the way we do it around here) it you will learn:

·What the first 15% is that you HAVE to get right (otherwise your idea is doomed from the start)

·The art of getting your team to WANT to implement your new idea.

·The most powerful way to fully engage your team using a human driver that drives every one of your team

·The single step that is the root cause of 95% of all implementation failure (correct this one step and you will see an instant increase in new ideas sticking.

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