Tim Threipland

  • Webinar recorded on Tue 5th July, 2016
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Nearly everything about your organisation — including your strategy, products, and systems — can be replicated, except one thing: the effectiveness of your people. Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage. It’s one thing for an organisation to announce a strategy – it’s quite another to reshape people’s behaviours and the organisation’s culture to successfully execute that strategy. Your leadership challenge is to enable high-performing, collaborative individuals, led by effective, trust-building leaders who execute with excellence and deliver measurably improved results for your customers and key stakeholders. Do this and you will truly have a competitive advantage!

As a noted Leadership Coach and Facilitator since 1989, he works with clients across Asia, EMEA and the United States. His skills have been developed and honed by exposure to a wide variety of experiences, beginning with the discipline of a military career and broadened by work with International Rugby Teams, Global Sailing Races and Franklin Covey Global. He has a pragmatic, field-tested perspective on leadership and the development of sustainable cultures – a perspective developed while working with diverse enterprise clients worldwide. Tim’s previous role was Director of Coaching for a 5-year global leadership coaching programme for Microsoft senior execs. The programme contributed to accelerating business results, improving alignment and accelerating results by focusing on both hard (execution, operations, performance, results) and soft edge (culture, market, strategies) skills necessary for growth. With a philosophy that every voice is valuable and unlimited in its potential impact, Tim’s principled approach focuses on enabling individuals to exercise choice – even in the face of complexity. Choices that empower and guide individuals to do what is right both for themselves and their business. Tim is noted for his Leadership Coaching, Leadership Development, Key Note Speaking, Facilitation, Personal Effectiveness, Team Effectiveness, and Execution offerings. He has used them in service to high profile clients worldwide, including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Pandora Jewelry, Avanade, Hitachi, Computer Science Corporation, Oracle and GlaxoSmithKline. Tim lives in Woodstock, Oxfordshire in the UK with his lovely wife and 4 kids.


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