• Webinar recorded on Wed 20th May, 2015
  • 1 hours 16 mins

Ian Wright will discuss Common endoparasitic worms of UK cats and dogs: a guide to their management. Parasite treatment and control, along with vaccination, forms the cornerstone of routine, but vital, disease prevention in first opinion practice. It also forms a core part of improving human health, as many parasites of pets are also zoonoses. This webinar considers endoparasitic worms of cats and dogs, their epidemiology, clinical significance, zoonotic potential, treatment and control. It will aim to put the knowledge of life cycles and pathogenesis learnt in the early years of Vet school and places them in a practical, relevant context for 1st opinion practice. Rationales behind deworming frequency recommendations and practical control measures will be considered for intestinal roundworms such as Toxocara spp and hookworms, tapeworms such Echinococcus granulosus and Dipylidium caninum as well as for lungworms such as Angiostrongylus vasorum and Crenosoma vulpis. Between them, these parasites represent major health risks for UK pets and public alike.

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