Adele Williams

  • Webinar recorded on Wed 20th September, 2017
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The talk will review ocular physiology and the pathophysiological mechanisms behind acute ocular pain in horses to aid clinical understanding of approach to cases and relevance of diagnostic investigations.   A methodical approach to disease investigation will be demonstrated.  Important differential diagnoses for ocular pain will be discussed.  Use of history and clinical examination findings to tailor therapy and diagnostic plan will be covered.  Relevance of different diagnostic steps along route of case management will be highlighted.  At the end of this webinar the participants should feel confidant in choosing the correct emergency procedures and diagnostic tests and treatment regimes relevant to the acutely painful eye horse they are presented with in clinical practice and be able to explain their clinical reasoning to clients.

Five learning objectives for viewers of the webinar

The aim of this CPD is to equip the practitioner with practical tips on the clinical approach to a horse with an acutely painful eye. By the end of the CPD the practitioner should be familiar with:

  1. Presentation and common clinical aetiologies (differential diagnoses) for the acutely painful equine eye.
  2. Use of analgesia and local anaesthesia to permit ocular examination of a painful ey
  3. Ophthalmic examination of the equine acutely painful eye.
  4. Useful diagnostic techniques for diagnosing problems associated with acutely painful equine eyes.
  5. Management of common causes of acutely painful eyes in equines, including placement of a sub-palpebral lavage system.

Dr Adele Williams is an RCVS and European specialist in equine internal medicine.  She graudated from Bristol Vet School in 2003 and has worked in private first opinion and referral equine practices in the UK and Ireland for over ten years as well as lecturing at The University of Surrey’s Vet School. She undertook an equine internship at the RVC (2004) and a residency in equine internal medicine at The University of Liverpool (2006-2009), where she completed her specialist diploma training and was involved with undergraduate veterinary training.  She is a published researcher in equine internal medicine and undertook a PhD in equine airway disease at the University of Manchester and is currently working as a locum and independent consultant in Equine Internal Medicine.

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