• Webinar recorded on Thu 22nd November, 2012
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If you purchase this webinar you will also get the second webinar in this series on Obesity by Alex German which is on Thursday 29th November at 9pm FREE. Alex German will discuss the causes and consequences of obesity. This is the first of two webinars Alex will give on obesity. Obesity is defined as an accumulation of excessive amounts of adipose tissue in the body.  In humans, strict definitions of the degree of adiposity exist, and these are based upon epidemiological data.  Overweight cats and dogs are greater than 15% above their ideal weight, whilst the term obese’ is used when current weight is 30% above ideal.  Disease associations have been proven for companion animals that are both overweight and obese. Alex German is a graduate of Bristol University, and received his PhD from the same institution in 2000.  He is currently Royal Canin Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine at the University of Liverpool.  His research interests include small animal gastroenterology and obesity biology.

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