.Sean McCormack

  • Webinar recorded on Tue 19th September, 2017
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In this webinar we will explore current trends, fads and misconceptions in the world of dog nutrition. As a vet, I’m used to being questioned about dog food in the consult room every day. I understand the frustrations of trying to give good nutritional advice and convince clients what they’ve heard may not be the whole truth at times. Now, having worked in the pet nutrition industry I want to help you navigate the minefield of misinformation freely available to dog owners. Join this webinar and we’ll arm you with accurate, unbiased and reliable information. You can confidently educate and answer those tricky questions, which is an excellent opportunity to bond clients to your practice. Approaching these questions from an objective viewpoint, we will equip you with the facts to:

  • educate your clients who may have been misled
  • support those who wish to follow controversial feeding practices
  • gain the confidence of those who question your nutritional knowledge

In the webinar, we’ll cover real life examples drawn from tails.com data on thousands of dogs, and equip you with information that can benefit you, your clients and patients. The data we’ll be using is exclusive to this webinar, so make sure to reserve your place.

Learning Objectives:

After this webinar, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Separate fact from fiction in the ‘wheat-free’/’grain-free’ trend in the pet food industry. Are these diets needed or purely a marketing gimmick?
  • Outline the pros and cons of RAW/BARF diets & decide if it’s something you should recommend to clients
  • Share useful statistics and insights on nutritional factors affecting dog health and how your clients perceive them
  • Understand owner perception of weight control and body condition in their dogs, and better manage this for your patients
  • Confidently advise your clients about their dog’s nutrition and further bond them to your practice

Sean qualified as a vet in 2010 from University College Dublin after studying an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. He started his veterinary career working in a domestic, exotics and zoo practice in Kent where he worked with a wide range of unusual species. Following this he worked in domestic and exotics pet practice in two practices in West London. Having studied Animal Science before his Veterinary degree, he has a broad base of knowledge in zoology, anatomy and physiology of a wide range of animal species and has lectured widely on exotics medicine topics. He also has had a longstanding interest in animal nutrition so in 2016 Sean left clinical practice to work for tails.com as Head Vet and Product Manager.



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