Helen Williamson

  • Webinar recorded on Tue 4th February, 2014
  • 1 hours 4 mins
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Talent Dynamics is a business development pathway to accelerate trust and flow so that you can significantly increase the growth in your business, and I’ll be sharing some examples of those who have seen massive growth during the webinar.

Talent Dynamics was established at the end of 2009, and every year they have been doubling year on year, sometimes more than that, and what I want to share with you is some of the key principles of how that has been possible so that you can gain valuable insights for your own business and action you can take to increase your own business profitability.

My own experience of using Talent Dynamics, as a Talent Dynamic Performance Consultant working  with clients and also applying it to my own business as I moved from working from a large multinational to setting up my own business.

Some of you may already have heard of Wealth Dynamics, and Talent Dynamics is a sister company so will build on what to you may have already have gained from that, and gain more value from that initial starting point.

So what I am going to sharing with you is:

  • How do you create trust and
  • How can you start to measure it
  • What we mean by “being in flow” and
  • How the result of increasing trust and flow directly correlates to your business results
  • What can you do now in a practical way to increase your own productivity and in your team?


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